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Support us today! Click here, quick before it goes away.

Today marks the beginning of our 30-day fundraising extravaganza!

  1. Watch our fundraising video!
  2. Decide if you support our venture if so, donate an amount of your choosing!
    1. If you’re financially unsure, know that $1 goes a long way!
    2. Some donors will receive special SWAG!
  3. Share our link on your social media pages: FB, Twitter, Insta, Pinterest etc.
  4. ….with a blurb about why you support our cause! 
  5. …and a cute photo of you, your compost bin, your loved ones, your pets, or your delicious food. 
  6. Talk about America’s food problem and learn as much as you can! 

4, 5, and 6 are optional. but highly suggested. 


A huge thank you! from the whole team at KhKm,

Jaimie, Lori, Sean, Tony, Abby, Lily, Christian, and Ted

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