Turkey Weekend Challenge 2k17

#ImInTWC #DotheROTthing #KnowMore

Happy Thanksgiving from NYC! And from all of us at KhKm we wish you and your families a wonderful healthy, and joyful Thanksgiving. We believe that making a difference starts by knowing more about the food waste problem and composting! #DotheROTthing

What better way to support our cause than by really knowing more about the food we waste in our own home? In the spirit of giving thanks, we want to challenge all of you and your friends to participate in getting more familiar with our own home’s food waste and transform your food waste into helping support food security efforts. #KnowMore

You can begin to do the rot thing today! In your very own kitchen. The rot thing to do could be donating (and for this challenge we hope you do), but what we really believe in, is doing the rot thing, even when no one is looking. To get us started on this journey we’ve challenged you to the Turkey Weekend Challenge! #ImInTWC

Here is a 1m video of me introducing the challenge with audio- fancy! 🙂

Here’s what you have to do.

  1. Accept the challenge via social media #ImInTWC #DotheROTthing
  2. Challenge 3 of your friends via text or social media
  3. Collect your household food scraps from your Turkey Dinner through Sunday night
  4. Weigh your collected food scraps and share via social media photos and weight.
  5. Donate $5 per pound of food scraps

Click here for the dos and don’ts of composting materials. 

We want you to think about your food in a new way. In fact, let us know what you think! Comment, like, share, tell us what you think about food waste!

Thanks from all of us!

– KhKm team



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