Turkey Weekend Challenge 2k17

Good morning world,

On this day, the day we need to reflect and give thanks to those who have come before us, and without whom we would not be here today, we challenge you world, yes you reading this right now, to show us just how much you appreciate your FOOD!

Here’s the Turkey Weekend Challenge (TWC):

  1. Agree to the challenge, post on social media/tell your friends: #ImInTWC #DotheROTthing
  2. Challenge 3 of your friends on social media, tag them!
  3. Collect ALL of your food waste starting at Thanksgiving dinner! Every single compostable food item goes into a bag or bucket or large tupperware.
  4. Ending on Sunday evening after dinner, weigh all your food scraps and for every pound collected, donate $5. Report your poundage on social media. With a photo, if you’d like.

We want you all to think about your food in a new way. We also want you to know how other people use their food.

See you on Sunday!

– KhKm Team

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