Co-Op, The Co-Op Game.

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We hope you’ve all had a lovely snowy weekend.

On Saturday, the team got together for some team building and co-op building experience.

The card game is called Co-Op the co-op game.


Co-Op the Co-Op Game
(left to right) Abby, Lori, Christian, Tony, and Jaimie (Lily, photographer) play Co-Op!

It took quite a long time to set up! As you can see, this game is not played on a board, but in fact, the process of figuring out how to play is a cooperative exercise in and of its self.

Here’s how to play (granted I just learned this weekend, so I am no expert). Essentially:

  • Everyone plays per one day (unless otherwise indicated) and we begin on Monday, and go through the week.
  • Every day something happens, which is usually a set back/challenge
  • In order to win, you all must have a high enough vibe level, and we need to make a profit of $10 (note: as a co-op, we begin at a deficit.)
  • Players do not go in any predetermined order, in fact determining the order is a huge part of the game. Some abilities work well when someone does one thing first. this way, we can make more money and gain vibes
  • Each player has special abilities (they can play 2 cards, opposed to the regular 1, or they can vibe up more than others)
  • There are goods that we sell, that mostly always begin at the Warehouse, and we cannot move the goods to the storefront unless we get a special card, or it’s the weekend.
  • When we do things together we get more benefits.

All in all a difficult game to get into, but a rewarding game in the end. We found, each player really plays a very important role in the success of the business. Here’s why:

  1. Teamwork really makes the dream work. Sometimes, only a few of us would take a loss (decreasing in vibes), but, since we all had to have high levels of vibes in order to win (according to the rules of the game) we planned accordingly so that we could take some losses here, but recover them there, and move the group together to win.
  2. No one person can know all the possible moves. Everyone has a hand of 5 cards, with very detailed descriptions written on them, so with 25 cards altogether, we had to rely on each other to bring up important cards when the time came. The strategy requires everyone.
  3. Complexity is easier to handle with reciprocated trust. Some cards were very complex, in fact sometimes I just said, “I trust you”. I had to put aside my understanding of a certain element of the game to keep us moving towards success. I trusted my teammates to make some decisions where I felt I didn’t have the expertise.
  4. High 5s, and singing really ease the tension. The co-op cards included actions like “must be humming” for this card to take effect or “can only get if” all players high 5.

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on behalf of the whole fun-loving KhKm Team

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