What do you do with your food scraps? Our communities are missing a crucial component to the food system. If we complete the cycle, we increase our chances of ending hunger in our county.

When we rescue food from the trash and put it to use for compost, we build a more complete and secure food system. We are here to provide the rescue service. 

By focusing on:

  • Food rescue: separating food waste from household waste
  • Rethinking waste: seeing leftovers as an opportunity
  • Empowering families: every family has the opportunity to turn scraps into profit
  • Securing resources: by establishing the food rescue business we can fund resources
  • Hearty meals: by generating profit and securing our food sources we can eat better
  • Education: when you know the causes of hunger, you know more
  • Reliable network: through all this, we create a community of food smart neighbors

Together, starting at home, we can build food smart communities.

By supporting local compost piles, providing organic and rich compost to local farmers and local markets, we are completing a cycle to secure food for our neighbors. The big picture is comprised of various opportunities to provide reliable food, information on food growth/prep/preservation, and a reliable local social network for general food needs/inquiries.

Our vision is to eradicate hunger in Wayne County, Indiana, through the creation of a sustainable food security system.

Stay tuned for future projects such as a community kitchen, locally sourced grocery store and cafe accessible to all.

We’re not the first to act on this awesome, eco-friendly, community-friendly and social justice focused endeavor.

If you’re living in Richmond, the Rose City Compost is your local initiative. Please support your local innovators and community workers. Click here to find out more about this awesome service! This wonderful person, Sean, has joined our efforts and we are working in ongoing collaboration.