Check out our entire Cameo Pitch presentation here, recorded by EPIC!

Epic- The Earlham Plan for Integrative Collaboration.

This initiative has helped facilitate projects and the sharing of great ideas!

We want to attribute our success thus far to the Earlham College Prize for Creative Capitalism competition.

As a part of the EPIC CoLab, The Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (Directed by Gene Hambrick), we’ve been honored to collaborate with Earlham students, faculty and Wayne County constituents to grow this venture.

What began as an idea is now becoming more of a reality.

In close partnership with Earlham College’s Miller Farm program, the Earlham Students who built the tiny house on wheels, Abby McCullough and Lily Fishleder, the Wayne County Food Council, we:  Jamie Mudd, Jerri Jarvis, Christian Penrod, Jo Kays, Ted Chalk
Lori Morgan, Lily Fishleder, Abby McCullough and Robert Lee are all collaborating to make this vision a reality.

This EPIC vision is to secure the food system in Wayne County.

Stay tuned for updates and developments.

-KHKM Team