We are all about the F.R.E.S.H.E.R. mission. We invite you to join us. And spread the word.

The vision is to secure the food system in Wayne County.

Our focus is on Food rescue, Rethinking waste, Empowering families, Securing resources, Hearty meals, Education and Reliable network. The combination of these elements of our work will lead us to #EatBetter and take us closer to securing the food system.

  • Food rescue: 40% of our food supply is wasted. [primary source]
    • 300,000 + children in the state of Indiana don’t know where to find their next meal. 1 in 7 Hoosiers is hungry. [source] [primary source]
    • Let’s redirect food either to composts or food pantries
  • Rethinking waste: #DotheRotThing, leftovers and food scraps are an opportunity
  • Empowering families: every family has the opportunity to turn scraps into profit. Providing food education can bring confidence to every kitchen
  • Securing resources: with the compost business, #DoTheRotThing, we’ll be able to fund programs and resources to feed communities
  • Hearty meals: By connecting resources, we can all provide healthier meals
  • Education: Food information is a right. We should know where our food comes from, and how to prepare it for our families.
  • Reliable network: the Wayne County Food Council is creating a reliable network


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